How to Prepare for Moving Office

Moving offices is quite different from moving homes as it has its own requirements that are quite stringent and non-negotiable. The first thing that is special about moving office is the strict timelines that have to be adhered to. In all activities from the time of preparation of the move till the time the move is completed and the office is re-started in the new location, everything has to be accomplished with clock like precision. Since the office movement should not interrupt the ongoing flow of business activities, the movement should virtually appear to be so much seamless that it would give a feeling as if nothing has changed except the location. The job is quite demanding and only professional office removalists Adelaide can do complete justice to it. But depending only on office removalists cannot ensure the smoothness of the move. Office owners also have a role to play about which they must be aware. They should know how to help in preparing for the move so that they are not caught by surprise.

Save time and money

Since office movement is about stiff timelines, to facilitate fast movement it is recommended that all office furniture like cubicle dividers, joined desks, shelving and other items are unbolted in advance, before the removalists arrive. This will save time and also some money. But dismantling of furniture has to be done carefully so that it does not get damaged. All fasteners like bolts, screws and other items required for setting up the furniture at the new place have to be kept in plastic bags that have to be tied to the furniture body by adhesive tape. This will ensure quick assembling at the new location which in turn will help to set up the office speedily.

Clean up drawers

Drawers of office tables and cabinets contain many items that are indispensable for office functioning. Therefore, before the furniture is given for packing, it has to be ensured that the drawers are emptied properly, taking care to pack the items, label it properly and keep it handy for start up. Leaving the drawers full at the time of packing will increase the load of furniture and its handling can be difficult.

Pay attention to proper labeling

Proper labeling of furniture and its accompanying contents can make the job of setting up the office quickly quite easy. There has to be clear relationship and logic in labeling all furniture and its contents so that the right contents can be placed in the right furniture without any confusion. This is again a time saving measure that no office owner can afford to ignore. Proper labeling also helps quick placement of furniture at the right place which reduces its handling.

Have a floor plan ready

Envisage in advance how the layout of the new office would be and prepare a floor plan accordingly. Mark the position of each and every piece of furniture on the plan so that the removalist knows exactly where to place the furniture with optimal handling.

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